yossi & malky

Our career started when we discovered our joint passion for food and creativity. Yossi would experiment with different recipes and develop new ones for our daily breakfast, lunch or dinner. With both of us eager for the creative challenge, we’d pull out some plates and garnishes and make our dish look beautiful. Malky, having a camera attached to her at all times, would make sure to photograph every dish. It was a simple point and shoot camera back then. (These photos made great gifts to some newlywed friends )
We soon realized that this was great teamwork and we can create beautiful art together. Our “team” does recipe developing, food styling, and photography (sometimes party-planning too) all under one roof.



Hi, I’m a passionate cook and enjoy practically anything that involves food and creativity. Coming from a family of nine, I found myself helping in the kitchen during mealtime at a young age. Thankfully, my mother trusted me, and I very soon realized how much I enjoyed it. I became addicted to reading cookbooks and trying out new recipes. I still remember cooking the whole Shabbos as a surprise for my mother when I was 11, and then at age 13 I designed and built my own bookcase (We’re talking cutting wood, sanding them down… the works). I’m a go-getter like that. No task is too daunting for me, no matter how complicated it may seem. I’m always ready to challenge myself and create something bigger and better.   As I grew older, my passion for food and creative arts grew stronger. Although I didn’t do anything concrete about it during my Yeshiva years, I knew that my career will probably be food-related.


As little kids we are often asked “what would you like to be when you grow up?”. Being a photographer was definitely part of my ever-growing list of answers. I always loved drawing, crafting, designing, and pretty much anything creative with nice visual detail, preferably something I can create with my own hands. I still have some of the clothing I sewed for my dolls at the age of 8. I would sit on it for hours, stitching by hand. I’m like that – I like things perfect and I’ll work on it however long it takes. Food styling and plating entered my life a bit later on. As soon as I was old enough to serve, I would enjoy adding my own design to the plates. When I was a bit older, the plating officially became my job. Photography, however, has been part of me since I laid my hands on my first camera. It was love at first sight. Many a thousand photos later, I decided to actually learn it. I started off doing photoshoots for family and friends and it soon became a business. Well, “business” isn’t exactly my strong point and I still very much see it as a hobby.